Packing sticky ribbon (of Skotch) SkotchSkotchSkotch – one of the most widespread packing materials, used for gluing up of flutecontainer and other types of packing.

Skotch it is a ribbon from the diaxonic oriented polypropylene (ВОРР) of high durability with the glue layer inflicted from one side.

A glue layer can be "Acryl" (glue water-based), "Hot Melt" (collastic), "Solvent" (natural rubber). SKOTCH with the glue layer of "Acryl" intended for work in "ordinary" terms in apartments with the low level of dust-ladenness, to middle or enhanceable humidity, in the range of temperatures from +5 to +30oС. Skotchs with the glue layers of "Hot Melt" and "Solvent" it is possible to use in apartments with enhanceable dust-ladenness, by high humidity and at subzero temperatures. Range of temperatures of the use of Skotch with the glue layer of "Hot Melt" from - 10 to +40oС, Skotch with the glue layer of "Solvent" from - 30 to +40oС.

Skotch distinguish on sizes - to the width, winding length, thickness. The standard sizes of packing Skotch it is been considered : width 48, 50, 72 and a 75 mm, winding length 50, 66, 100 and a 990 m, thickness, 40, 45 and 48 мкм. 

Skotch breadthways 48 a 50 mm is used for gluing up of boxes of lungs and middle weight, small and middle sizes.

Skotch breadthways 72 a 75 mm is used for gluing up of heavy and overall boxes. 

long windings 50, 66 and a 100 m is used for the hand gluing up, both without the use of additional equipment and with the use of devices for the hand unwinding (of dispensers). 

long a 990 m used for the machine gluing up on the special machines - gluing up flute baskets. 

in thick 40 mkm recommend to use for unheavy, desirably chalk-overlay boxes. 

Skotch in thick 45 mkm befits for gluing up of boxes of middle weight and provides the reliable and durable sealing up both chalk-overlay and ordinary   flute baskets. 

Skotch in thick 48 mkm differs in maximal sticky properties and enhanceable durability on a break. He is used for sealing up of heavy boxes, and also in those cases, if products long time are on the way for providing of reliable safety of load.

We offer all possible standard sizes of packing Skotch on a width, winding length, thickness, with all types of glue layer, different colors, and also with causing of brandname logotype of customer.

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